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This newsletter is for the hardened, jaded security pro and the well-meaning noob trying to break into the space, the most hardcore ASM-only-because-it’s-easier-that-way code jedi and the java programmer. If you’re interested in cyber security, software development or both, you’re in the right place!

This newsletter will contain hardhitting commentary, in-depth analysis and research on the latest trends and news in the software and security space.

There will also be memes.

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Are you a sec dweeb combing logs and popping shells all day? Or maybe you're a SOLID software connoisseur who only writes the cleanest code? This weekly newsletter containing the top commentary and analysis on all things software and security is for you!


Mitch Edwards (@Valhalla_Dev)

Software developer, information security researcher and budding entrepreneur, seeking to build a better world by consulting startups and medium-sized businesses in improving their security posture. Consulting: